Simplifying E-commerce

Valerian consolidates e-commerce data from Shopify, Square, ERPs, CRMs and custom systems.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Configure custom dashboards and reports to fit your needs.

Inventory & Sales

Manage your inventory in one place for your online and physical locations.

Shopify™ & Square™

Analyze and report sales and inventory across all of your systems. Custom integrations available.

How It Works

  1. Introduction sessions to identify integrations and configurations
  2. Our team will work with you to configure and optimize your data, dashboards, and reporting
  3. You monitor and manage your inventory, sales, and operation across locations and systems
  4. Profit
Retail platforms

Example / Use Case

A clothing company maximizes revenue by having an online (Shopify®) store, selling direct at events, and selling wholesale to retail stores. The problem (or challenge) is managing the inventory and monitoring sales across all channels. Valerian is the solution.

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